Going on holiday in June has its advantages; the main one is that it doesn’t interfere with the domestic football season in the UK. It also has its drawbacks; there isn’t any football in my chosen end destination for my summer fix abroad with my girlfriend.

The setting: the stunning Balearic Island of Mallorca. The best ground on the island: Son Moix (formally known as the Iberostar Stadium), home of Spanish Segunda Division side RCD Mallorca.


This was my first trip to the 23,000 all-seated stadium and I was excited to be doing a tour for the bargain price of six euros.

Staying a short taxi ride from Palma, I managed to convince my other half that a stadium tour would be a fun filled morning, a break from laying by the pool and a welcome change of scenery from being harassed by the hotels daytime entertainment staff.

We arrived at the stadium in good time, a solid concrete structure from the outside, but still an impressive venue for a team in the second tier of Spanish football.


Having walked almost all around the outside of the ground, we found the club shop and café, I purchased my pin badge (my small momentum from every ground I visit) and we asked where the tour started from (full of optimism at this point).

My lack of Spanish and the shop workers lack of English led to an awkward 60 seconds of pointing and nodding towards an open gate leading onto pitch side.


So we wondered on in, unopposed and I took in the surroundings, no tour guide but I was happy to be inside. The guys in the café were less than helpful explaining that there are no tours, despite me having a confirmation email from a club employee to meet at this date and time.

We gave up, I managed to grab a few pictures, tick off another ground and we continued our holiday, safe to say my girlfriend won’t be falling for that trick again on our next vacation!