We are back, one year older and one year wiser! The Terrace Traveller has celebrated its first birthday since my last post at the beginning of June.

Rewind to July 2016 and I headed to Bath City versus Partick Thistle not quite knowing what my blog was going to be called but knowing that I was to blog my football journey for the foreseeable future. It wasn’t long until the Terrace Traveller was born and we were ready for a jam-packed season.

And what a season it was. At this point in my life, working part time as a waiter and kids coach as well as keeping up my freelance journalism commitments, my weekly schedule was pretty flexible, allowing me to rack up 136 games in an 11 month spell.

Last season was incredible, I started my blog, set up what is an ever growing social media following (thank you to everyone who has been a part of the first year). I went to loads of new grounds, met loads of new people and was met with open arms into the ground hopping community. I was of course dabbling in some ground hopping before this blog. I had racked up over 100 grounds before the birth of the Terrace Traveller, the only difference was I was writing about it and committing to a lot of games across the season.

Speaking now (July 2017), my life is at a bit of a crossroads. I am on the verge of accepting an offer of a university place in Coventry so could be on the move in a couple of months time. It seems likely that I will be heading to the Midlands but the uncertainty is a constantly hanging above me, and where I would be planning some games now the fixtures are out, I find myself planning up to the end of August. I don’t think I will be heading abroad either this season unfortunately (I do have plans for a game in New York in September however). My studies and other commitments may stunt my progress with this blog, but what I can guarantee is that there will be some new grounds to visit wherever I end up!

Last season I also had a go at doing a ground hopping video, recording my trip to Farnborough in their play off semi final. There is a good cluster of people doing these sorts of videos with Ellis Platten really paving the way with Smiv’s ‘On the road’ series also showing a great side of the game. There are others all committed to making videos and I would love to do more, however a year of hard work awaits and I may need to look at video content next season. I had some great feedback following the Farnborough edit which has left the door open to do more.

All I can say for now is stick with me, I hope to continue this blog in its current format throughout the 2017/18 season and hopefully I can have some exciting trips, obscure matches and maybe some video content to really put the Terrace Traveller on the map.

I look forward to welcoming any new followers/readers and I am, as always, very appreciative of my current following of just over 800 people!